Avoid over-drying clothes

Why? Hang-drying is the most energy efficient and low-cost approach to drying clothes. When circumstances do not allow for hang-drying, you can still save some energy and money by using your clothes dryer efficiently.

  1. Spin before drying. Use the "spin cycle" on your washer to help remove water before you transfer clothes to the dryer.
  2. Use moisture sensor if your dryer has one. The moisture sensor ends the cycle when your clothes are dry, which prevents waste and over-drying.
  3. Separate loads efficiently. Dry your towels and other heavy items in a load separate from lighter-weight clothes.
  4. Get the lint out. Remember to clean the lint filter after every load to improve air circulation.

* Tip savings estimates represent the amount an average ENMAX Energy customer can save by implementing each tip, calculated by using our averages for (i) residential rate, (ii) annual energy consumption, and (iii) proportion of energy allocated towards the described end-use. Estimates do not take into account transmission and distribution costs. Actual savings vary household to household. No warranties or representations are made in terms of any information herein.

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